Uncle Pangloss Wants YOU


I ___ YOU : Things we FEEL and Things We DO
(an evening of original new plays)

January 29th
Bruton Heights School Educational Center
7pm to 9:30pm
Auditions will consist of cold readings – no preparation necessary

February 17th
Williamsburg Library Theater

Mandatory Rehearsal Dates
February 16th and 17th

All of the plays center on themes of love, lust, sorta-kinda-like, and everything in between.  There’s humor, romance, and even a little bit for the tech nerd in all of us.

Questions?  Email Alyse Pollock at alyse@panglossian.org

The evening will feature the following plays:

“Experiment of Life” by Stephen Seals
“Leash” by Chris Davis
“The Screens” by Erik Champney
“George in the Bathroom” by Mike Butler
“Talk” by Sara Rock
“Expecting Lila” by Olivia Briggs
“Rothbart” by Marcia Vanderstraaten
“Burning Lines” by Tori Keenan-Zelt
“The Great Unspeakable Tragedy of the Poorly Made Soup” by Laura Merrill
“Over” by Alex Morse
And a scene from The Williamsburg Players’ upcoming production of “Pride and Prejudice”

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