Tori Interviewed by 31 Plays 31 Days Project

This is not a picture of Tori. It's a picture of a monkey. What is the matter with you?

At the beginning of August, Tori had one too many shots of something and decided, on a dare, to sign on to write a play every day for the month — that’s right, for the whole month — with the 31 Plays 31 Days project.  And they interviewed her about it.  Check out the interview here.

This month, those in Tori’s general vicinity may have noticed slight variations in her mood as she tackled this task, but she has persevered, through wind and snow and sleet and stuff.

So, how did it all work out?  Well, on this, the 31 of August 2012, will live on in infamy as the day that Tori did not strangle or brutally beat anyone around her but instead, quietly sat down and wrote the last play that she will ever write in August 2012, had a shot of something, and took a nap.


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