This is a Stickup

That's right. Don't make any sudden moves. And hand over that script, nice and easy.


What are you working on?  What are you excited about?  What would you like to discuss and develop with a creative team?
Bring it on!

Panglossian is seeking new full-length plays
for our NEW developmental online reading series, Plays in Progress.

We work with writers across the globe to develop work locally here in Williamsburg.

Selected playwrights will discuss their goals for the script with our staff, attend one or two discussion/rehearsals, and participate in a public reading, which will be streamed online. Writers who are not local may participate virtually over Skype.

What are we looking for?

Playwrights at different stages in their careers who share our sense of daring and
passion, and a desire to develop their work in a collaborative, supportive setting.

Plays that show muscular language and strong theatricality and that say something
universal in a unique way. Stories we haven’t heard, and stories that we haven’t
heard this way.

How can you submit?  It’s easy!

Just submit a synopsis, bio, script, and letter of inquiry to:

Literary Team
Panglossian Productions

Deadline: Rolling

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