What’s a Pangloss?

Dr. Pangloss with Candide

Our namesake is the dementedly optimistic Dr. Pangloss from Candide.   As Candide’s tutor, he constantly asserts that “All is for the best in the best of all possible worlds.”  Even when people were being maimed, tortured, and brutalized. 

Most of the time, the world falls short.  As any young artist who decides to build a life in the performing arts discovers, it’s hard to get experience without already having it.  It’s even harder to convince people to take a gamble on new works and innovative ideas, no matter how exciting they may be.

What’s safe is always… well… safe.  And that’s fine.  But safe things don’t ignite passion in us.  They don’t make us catch our breath or question our being or want to go running into the streets to tell people what we’ve seen.  We believe that safe things aren’t worth our time.  So, we choose projects that take risks and that are worth the risk.

We exist in order to boldly and thoughtfully create:

* Unpretentious productions that challenge our audience without patronizing them.

* Opportunities for talented and dedicated young artists to gain meaningful experience.

* Development of new, innovative, substantive, and semi-crazy artistic ventures.

We are optimistic, slightly demented, and passionately dedicated
to creating the best of all possible.


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