Pop Up 2014

Pop Up Theatre is a 10-minute play festival, featuring the work of the world’s most talented young artists. In 2014, Panglossian explores the most deeply moving and darkly terrifying topic it could: What I Did on my Summer Vacation


August 31, 2014
at the Williamsburg Library Theatre
(Reception immediately to follow)

No need to reserve tickets. The performance is free and open to the public. (And if you can’t make it in person, you can watch it streamed live on HowlRound TV). A “Hooray for New Work and Live Theatre” Reception will immediately follow the performance.

Pop-Up 2014 Features:

Blue Bikini
By David Lewison
Directed by Robert Weathers
With Justin Knight, Jamie Weaver

By Tori Keenan-Zelt
Directed by Robert Weathers
With Kelsey Brown, Georgia Hester, Audrey Seeker

(Full) Bloom
By Georgina Escobar
Directed by Bryan Austin
With Andrew “AJ” Jalonek, Annie Lewis

Harry Benjamin is on Vacation
By Ralph Greco, Jr
Directed by Jorin Hood
With John Cauthen, PJ Freebourn, Annie Lewis, Justin Knight

Learning to Swim
By Matt Hanf
Directed by Becky Krantz
With George Opie, Preston Sherman

Let’s Be Frank
By Matt Crowley
Directed by Alex Morse
With Lauryn Reiff, Jay Knowlton

Match Play
By Seth Freeman
Directed by Ron Reid
With Shaan Sharma

The Bronze Serpent
By Hilary Bettis
Directed by Ron Reid
With Ron Carnegie, Jr., Carrie MacDougall

Timmy Perlmutter Goes Flying
By Paul Lewis
Directed by Neil Hollands
With Matt Brooks, Courtney Murray, Zack Westenberger, Debbie Noonan

Pop-Up Theatre is an annual festival of original short plays. It is a showcase of global and local talent, featuring work by writers from all around the globe directed and performed by Williamsburg area artists. The performances are free and open to the public, and performed live at the Williamsburg Library Theatre and streamed live on HowlRound TV.