Make it Rain!

open24hoursWhat can you do in 24 hours?

Travel halfway around the world? Write a play? Shoot a film? Save the president’s life? Be a part of history?

Yes to all of those! But the most yeses to the last one, because on May 6th you can help support Panglossian Productions (and many other wonderful local nonprofits) and be a part of history.

Yes, sir. On May 6, 2014, from midnight to 11:59pm, Panglossian will be participating in GIVE LOCAL 757!, arranged by the Peninsula Community Foundation through Give Local America. May 6th will be a national Day of Giving – an historic event when communities all over the country invite residents to donate to local organizations through an online platform.

Panglossian will be participating, so we asking for your support. We were founded in the Williamsburg community. Our artists are from the Williamsburg community. We partner with other local businesses for our Plays in Progress series. Each of our productions is by and for the Williamsburg area, and with your support we can continue to grow our programming.

Check out the webpage here for more information, and we hope you’ll come out and contribute on May 6. Let’s do this thing.

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