Is it just me, or is it getting a little WILD in here?

Last month, with the help of HowlRoundTV, we launched our new Plays in Progress live and on-line developmental reading series with Elford Alley’s IN SEARCH OF THE AMHERST COUNTY WILDMAN.  What a blast!  And really, what goes better with new plays than Bigfoot, Reality TV, and Curmudgeons?

The WILDMAN cast preps for the read.

The WILDMAN cast preps for the read.

Well, maybe live streaming does.

Whether you’re in Virginia, New York, or Singapore, you’re invited to join us  for our next developmental reading of THE KING’S FACE, by Steven Young.

Saturday, April 6 @ 6pmEDT

LIVE at New Town Art Gallery


ON-LINE at HowlRoundTV


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