In Search of the Amherst County Wildman

In Search of the Amherst County WildmanIN SEARCH OF THE AMHERST COUNTY WILDMAN chronicles the final adventure of one man’s 40-year attempt to find Big Foot. Before the land where he grew up is flooded for a reservoir, Carl Earp engages the host of a reality monster-hunter TV show to document his last effort to prove to the world that “something” exists out there. On this quest, Carl confronts personal secrets that expose more than the legendary creature’s existence; how his obsession has affected those who care for him most.

Elford Alley is a regular contributor to the music blog and has written for He recently attended the Endstation Playwright’s Initiative. Currently, Elford lives in Texas with his wife, Katy and daughter, Ruby.

Directed by Ed Whitacre


Earp – Steven Holloway
Cushing – Robert Weathers
Camera Man – Michael Westenberger
Jet – Sharon Hollands
Roman – Alex Morse
Prostitute/Hiker – Christina Westenberger
Mayor/Stage Manager – Amy Lyles

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