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Carbon Arc Treatment 1938

We don’t care what T.S. Eliot says.  March is the cruelest month; the armpit of the year.  And April is pretty bad too.

This is the time of year when we resort to creative methods to keep our spirits up.  We plan vacations, buy puppies, get haircuts, or worse.

But not this year.  This year, thanks to a full schedule of Peninsula Theatre, we’ll be staving off the seasonal affective disorder.  Want in?  Turn off your sun lamps and get your theater buzz on!


Fri, Sat, Sun (3/18-27)
Our very own Steven Koernig flexes his sociopathic muscles in Iron Street’s production of DEATHTRAP

Sun & Mon (3/20-21)
Don’t forget AUDITIONS for IN THE NEXT ROOM (or the vibrator play).
Everyone who’s anyone will be there.


Fri & Sun (3/25 & 27)
Many Williamsburg women perform to support organizations that fight violence against women in THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES/ V DAY EVENT at Bruton Heights Educational Center.  Wrap party fundraiser to follow Sunday’s show at JM Randalls.

THE LION IN WINTER at the Williamsburg Players.  Dir. Miguel Girona


8-10, 14-17
The talented Ed Whitacre and Ron Reid wait for… well… you know the rest in
WAITING FOR GODOT at Williamsburg Library Theatre.  Dir. Rob Ruffin.

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