Figure it out!

Easy enough to follow?

This May, Panglossian & The Williamsburg Regional Library present: Private Eyes by Steven Dietz.

What’s the Show about? So, here’s the deal:

There’s Lisa. She’s an actress, right? And she auditions for this director, Matthew, who she runs into at a restaurant later. And he propositions her. Can you believe it?

But Matthew’s not really a director, he’s an actor too. And he’s married to Lisa. And all that was just a scene in a play they are doing together. The actual director is Adrian. Lisa is sleeping with him. Cheating on Matthew!

Well, maybe. We’re not sure. I mean, that’s what he tells his therapist, Frank. Frank thinks Matthew is making all these stories up.
Meanwhile, Corey shows up. She identifies herself as a Private Detective, but she might not be. Matthew thinks she’s in love with him, and she might be. Nobody knows. Not even Frank.

And all of that is just Act 1.


Private Eyes is a comedy of suspicion in which each scene leaves the audience wondering what is real. Plays-within-plays. Scenes-within-scenes. And a few twists thrown in for good measure.

So come out and see whether you can unfold the mystery!

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