Egypt Play Live and On-line

Last weekend, Panglossian & the Williamsburg Regional Library hosted a developmental reading of Tori’s new play, THE EGYPT PLAY, OR THE MISSES BLAKE ON A HOLIDAY JIHAD, directed by Nick Roesler. The creative team spent 5 crazy nights workshopping, reading, discussing, & incorporating rewrites. ┬áIt was a wild ride that helped us learn a lot about the play’s physical and emotional life and move it closer to production readiness.

The live reading at the Library Theatre was streamed to our on-line audience through HowlRoundTV. Don’t worry if you missed out. That’s what archives are for!

Read by:
Abigail Schumann (Sylvia)
Sharon Forsher Hollands (Fanny)
Miguel Girona, Jr. (Sir Richard Burton, Certezza, and The Colonel)
Damian Girona (Ismail)

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