Theatre is Poppin’ Up All Over

Sennett Bathing Beauties, 1915 (11)The days are starting to get shorter, the temperature is getting lower, and back to school sales are in full swing. The summer is coming to an end. Oh no!

But worry not! Because now is the time to entertain your classmates, colleagues, conspirators, and coworkers with tall tales of what you did on your summer vacation. They’ll love it, and we’ll even show you how it’s done.

Join us on August 31, 2pm, at the Williamsburg Library Theatre, to see these great short plays:

Pop Up Theatre 2014
What I Did On My Summer Vacation


“Blue Bikini” by David Lewison
“Florida” by Tori Keenan-Zelt
“(Full) Bloom” by Georgina Escobar
“Harry Benjamin is on Vacation” by Ralph Greco, Jr
“Learning to Swim” by Matt Hanf
“Let’s Be Frank” by Seth Freeman
“The Bronze Serpent” by Hilary Bettis
“Timmy Perlmutter Goes Flying” by Paul Lewis

For more information on the performance, click right here.

See you August 31!

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